I recently had the pleasere to document the marriage of Sally and Rob Just at the fantastic Waterton Park Hotel (Otherwise known as Walton Hall!). There is always a nervous anticipation before the first anything of the year and my first wedding of 2016 was no exception but only lasted until I set off for the Brides home address.

I was booked for the whole day and began with Bridal Preparations at Sally’s Home, along with copious amounts of Tea for me and Prosecco for the Girls before racing across town the intercept the boys arrival at Walton hall / Waterton Park (delete as appropriate!), where Sally walked down the aisle accompanied by a string duo.

From a photographers perspective it was going to be a challenging day, Intermittent showers and a flat overcast light meant I had to be on the ball using all the tricks of the craft the produce a set of images I hope they will treasure forever (Have a sneak peak below!)

If you haven’t already guessed from the photos the color scheme for the day was pink, so logically the Bride wanted a pink wedding album to go with it and chose a Pink Linen with Acrylic cover. I added a small splash of pink to the overall design inside too

I love photographing weddings, not just because of the excitement of the day but the smiles (and sometimes tears, of the good kind!) on the Couples face when the images are handed over. Then you know you can tick the ‘Job Well Done’ box