Sometimes it good to look back on projects with a fresh eye, and recently I had the task of moving and re-cataloging my digital image library so it seemed rude not to revisit some of my work from last year.

The picture that has surprised me most was this one

This was taken at an informal function in settle, it was a candid portrait across a crowded reception hall and at the time I thought a nice black and white conversion would show the true character of the subject. Now looking back and remembering how I felt about this shot I was genuinely happy with it and it was fairly well received by everyone involved. But what about when I look at the image again removed from the situation and start from scratch?

Firstly I cant go back and shoot a different image, but shooting all my images in RAW format means I can at least go back at start from zero, with the basic data the camera sensor recorded without any edits what so ever. So that is what I did and in doing so I notice how much texture there was in this gentleman’s face, every line hard earned from years of cave exploration so straight away I needed to retain this detail and going black and whit didn’t quite seem appropriate but neither did full colour so after an hour or so I had come up with this edit which mainly consists of ¬†Subtle de-saturation and highlighting the mid tones, as well as cleaning up the background.


In the end I have two different images, there are things I like and things I don’t about both but the important thing is I have gained from looking back at projects, not just this one example I am sharing here is to appreciate how much the ‘Moment’ can influence the edit, and what other possible avenues you can go down to tell a story a slightly different or a better way.

Another shot I re visited I originally considered worthy only of the cutting room floor, It turned out a bit blurry and the actual subject I was trying to capture was the spinning wire wool. But in actual fact when I have looked back on this only 4 months later it actually shows part of the story of the exploration and the processes going in to make some of the amazing images urban explorers are able to produce so my final image to share with you in this blog post is an out take from the Megatron trip that you can read about Here